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Skylight Repairs Melbourne

Skylight leaks are a very common problem. They typically leak due to rust forming around the flashing, bad seals or simply unprofessional workmanship.

Usually the roof plumber will install new metal flashings around the skylight or otherwise a water membrane can be applied around the existing flashing.

Condensation can also sometimes occur when the air in the room meets the cold surface of the skylight. You can see this mostly in bathrooms and kitchens.

If this appears to be the case, a roof ventilator may need to be installed on the roof near the skylight so as to balance the air temperature in the ceiling.

There are basically three types of skylight designs:

Fixed – This type just sits on the roof and does not offer any ventlation option in terms of opening and closing.

Ventilated – This type has the ability to be opened and closed making it a popular choice for bathrooms and lofts where mould can occur.

Tubular – This type has a dome fitted on top of the roof and channels light into the house via a large reflective duct pipe.

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