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Guttering and downpipes serve a very important role in that they collect all rainwater from your roof via your stormwater drain. Regular maintenance should be undertaken to ensure maximum life span of your gutter and downpipes.

For instance did you know that mud and leaves in your gutters can dramatically shorten their life span? This is due to constant moisture being in the gutters causing them to rust at a quicker rate than normal. Tennis balls and leaves can also block your downpipes which in turn causes gutters to overflow with water into your eaves and consequently into your house!

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Especially of concern are box gutters, otherwise known as internal or concealed gutters. These types of gutter are found both in residential and more commonly in commercial dwellings and are situated internally in your roof.

Regular maintenance should be undertaken ensuring they are in perfect working order. The slightest leak due to rust or inefficient size of gutter can cause internal water damage to your ‘much loved’ property.

We use and recommend ‘Ace Gutters’ rain water products as we have found their products to be of the highest quality. There are 25 colours to choose from and their gutter products consist of 80% gloss baked enamel giving you a finish comparable to that of car duco.

Whatever the problem ‘Captain Roof Repair’ has seen it and repaired hundreds of times before. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service, professionalism and quality workmanship within the industry.

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