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When you restore your roof, you’re making sure that one of the
most crucial parts of your home is thoroughly cleaned, re-coated,
and repaired in the renovation and restoration process. This can
literally extend the lifetime of your roof by several years if
done the right way – The ‘Captain Roof Repair Way’, that is. We
check and double-check to ensure that your roof is safe,
well-aerated, much better looking, and weather-proof before our
workers leave your premises. Depending on your roofing needs, a
partial or full restoration might be more appropriate for yours.
However, even if the final verdict is a complete overhaul on your
current roof – remember one thing very clearly. Restoration of

Call for tile roof restoration

your roof is definitely almost a third of the
money you could have been spending on
getting a brand-new one. So, it’s
definitely still a highly economical option
for a large number of Australians. At
Captain Roof Repair, we offer you the
following roof repairs Templestowe services
in Melbourne throughout the year:

  • Restoration of roofs
  • Extensions and new roofing
  • Restoration of the metal roofs to original
  • Tiled and metal roofing
  • Installation of whirlybirds/roof ventilation
  • Leaking roof repairs
  • Guttering and repairs

We use our no-obligations free service of quotations and make sure our professional roof plumbers visit your site personally to locate every single leak and concern they may have. Then, what you get is top-quality professional advice that puts your needs first. Solutions to your regular roof repair affairs, gutter replacements, timber fascia issues, and full restoration plan tailoring is all completed keeping your style and budget in mind. At Captain Roof Repair, we believe in making roof repair affordable for everyone. You can be sure that, whether you’re looking for a lavish restoration or a simple repair, you’re more than likely to find your roof repairs in Templestowe with Captain Roof Repair!

We are 100% insured and compliant with work safety rules. We also belong to the “Roof Tilers and Shinglers Association of Australia.” Every tradesman working with us was employed not only on the basis of being a qualified expert in roof restoration but also a practically experienced roof tiler.

We truly understand how important it is to our clients that they maintain a high-quality roof structure over their homes. You can trust us and rest with this peace in mind. When it’s about getting the job done the right way so that it REALLY lasts, Captain Roof Repair is your guy! With more than ten years of experience, we promise you that nothing’s going to be stopping you from getting that best roof on your street now.

Roof Repairs Templestowe

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