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The professional roof plumbers at Captain Roof Repair
understand just how important proper ventilation can be for a
well-maintained home. Our roof vents and whirlybirds will facilitate
easy and smooth ventilation throughout the stuffy summers and chilly
winters of Melbourne painlessly. Our roof vents have two main functions:

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  • In the summer: The roof vents act to
    clear away the heating the roof spaces triggered by
    the direct sunlight during the summer. Temperatures
    of up to sixty degrees can be reached in the roof
    space during a hot summer’s day!
  • In the winter: The roof vents are
    mainly drawing all moisture out from
    your ceiling during the winter. This moisture is
    stemming from stove exhausts and bathroom fans
    running. It’s a known fact that the
    roof space can store up to 10 litres in water
    via condensation.

Restoration & Roof Repairs Kew

The Captain Roof Repairs Kew roof restoration process consists of 4 individual processes:

  • Pressure Cleaning

    First of all, we start of by cleaning your roof with a three thousands PSI pressure cleaner used to remove all moss, grime, and dirt built up over the roof. This is preparation for the painting process.

  • Bedding and Pointing

    The gables, valleys, and ridges will then be ‘re-bedded’ in places with unsteady cement. Full re-pointing will be done with a pointing compound that is flexible and contains acrylic. This pertains to the recently updated Australian standards for brand-new roofs. You also have an option of having all the rusting valley irons on the roof switched at this point.

  • Renewal of Valley and Tile Change

    Then, we will replace all the broken tiles on the rood. The roof will be blown dry and the gutters will be cleaned. The free roof ventilators will be installed thereafter.

  • Painting and Sealing

    Your roof is then primed with superior quality primer to ensure the paint doesn’t chip off your tiles for more than 10 years to come. Then, 2-4 coats of acrylic roof paint are sprayed above this as per the tiles’ conditions and your decisions. At least an hour will be needed to allow drying of paint between the applications.
    Our roof repairs Kew work team will then spend as much as required of their time to ensure that your neighbours’ and your properties are left spot-free and tidy.

Roof Repairs Kew

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