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Devastated with a run-down roof that’s screaming for a repair
job? Well, Captain Roof Repair is on the job! We provide roof
repair services round the clock to anyone within 20 kilometres
of Melbourne City, especially for our Doncaster customers after
quality roof repairs. Having re-roofed, repaired, and restored
up to several hundred homes and also commercial complexes all
over Victoria and Melbourne for more than fifteen years now, our
highly qualified roof plumbers are always eager to serve you with
only thebest in Melbourne roof repair services. And one thing you
can beguaranteed of at Captain Roof Repair is high-quality

Call for tile roof restoration

professional services, and rapid response.
Sometimes, simple just doesn’t cut it.
And, for that very reason, Captain Roof Repair
has made it a point to offer a
wide range of advanced roof repair
services as well. That includes:

Gutter Replacements & Guttering

Captain Roof Repair is ready to take care
of every kind of guttering service you
need done. Our licensed plumbers are
always at hand during working hours to
complete gutter cleaning and replacements
at great value-for-money rates. If you
want the gutters to be replaced alongside
roof restoration or repairs, remember that

the guttering will have to be completed first since it may disturb certain ridge caps on the roofs.

Roof Re-Pointing & Re-Bedding

Leave it to us to re-bed every single one of your mis-aligned or loose ridge caps, valleys, and gables on those tiled roofs. After that, we will re-point them with flexible pointing and replace all valley irons that have rusted. These services will include charges for change of cracked and broken tiles with similar profile and size finishes. To top it all off, we will also leave the workplace free of dust and debris with a complementary clean-up of all rubbish onsite.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is both used for protection and heat conservation and is often called sarking. For sarking installation, Sisilation papers will be rolled out above and beneath roof rafters before the tiles are laid out on the roof. This will increase your roof’s effectiveness in keeping out the sun rays and retaining heat during winter by up to fifty per cent.
Still not convinced? Have a minute on your hands? Well, take a look at our roof restoration and repair testimonials. You’ll be re-assured that Captain Roof Repair really is your NUMBER ONE choice for roof repairs in Doncaster.

Roof Repairs Doncaster

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