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Skylight leaks can be a very common problem, leaking can happen
from rust forming around the flashing, sealing gone wrong, or
quite often, poor quality workmanship. Captain Roof Repair are
here, ready to take action! We can repair your skylight as soon
as you need, to ensure your stress is gone as soon as possible.
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All throughout the summer, our roof vents
enable your roof to retract the heat
conjured up by sun rays, with temperatures
ranging up to 60 degrees often gauged
during the Melbourne summer within your
roof. It’s no wonder there’s a dire need
for roof repairs Box Hill during the summer
months, with direct sunlight contributing
quite a lot to the heat circulating through
your home. This obviously make it much more
difficult for your air conditioner to
do the work!

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During the harsh winter months, the function of your insulation is to absorb in moisture from fans, stove exhaust, as well as general build-up through vents. In fact, the space within your roof can gather up to 10 whole litres of water – just through condensation alone! Most people, without proper insulation, won’t even notice a thing until they begin to see the stains gathering upon their ceilings and walls.

There are 4 steps involved in the restoration process for a fully maintainable roof with Captain Roof Repair:

- Pressure cleaning
Our experts begin by completely cleaning the roof of your house with a high PSI pressure cleaner in an attempt to get rid of all of the build up of dirt, grime and moss. This is a necessary step in order to begin painting.

- Pointing and re-bedding
Each of the ridges, gables and valleys need to be re-bedded when they are located with cement that’s permanently unsteady. There is a pointing compound which contains acrylic meaning that entire re-pointing can be done.

- Valley tile change
Replacement of broken tiles on your roof. This involves the blowing of the roof and cleaning of the gutters. Free roof ventilators are also installed after this step has been completed.

- Sealing and Painting
The Captain Roof Repair team use the finest quality primer to laden your roof, ensuring the paint will not become chipped, prior to being painted with between 2 and 4 coats of acrylic roof paint – depending upon the conditions of the tiles.

Only the best quality materials are used, enabling 5-star service for all of Captain Roof Repair’s Box Hill clients! Don’t hesitate in contacting us today for a quick hassle-free quote to find out more information.


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