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Tile Roof Restoration Melbourne

Your roof represents the most important asset of your home. It protects your house and your family. It also represents a significant percentage of the value of your property. Not only will a total roof restoration revitalize the appearance of your home but it will also add value to it.

The roof restoration process consists consist of 4 stages:


It is said that a roof restoration is only as good as its preparation. We use a high water pressure (3000psi) cleaning device which removes all dirt and grime from your roof.

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Once this has been done we flush out all the rubbish that has fallen into the gutters and clean the outside perimeter of the house if need be.


Before commencement of restoring your roof, a number of repairs may need to be carried out. They normally consist of:

  • Replacing broken tiles
  • Replacing rusted valley iron
  • Replacing rusted gutters and downpipes
  • Resecure all flashings
  • Rebed and repoint ridge cappings with flexi point (flexible coloured pointing compound)


Before applying the primer coat we go over the roof once again with a blower to eliminate any further dust and grime. The role of the primer coat is to completely seal the tile so that it no longer is porous. This is essential especially with cement tiles.


The final stage is the application of 2 colour coats. It is of paramount importance that premium quality paint is used for a quality roof restoration which is why we only use and recommend nutech paints, in particular ‘Flexishield’. Here is a brief description on ‘Flexishield’ from Nutech Paints.

With 36 semi gloss colours to choose from ‘Flexishield’ is not just another paint. In fact its not paint at all. With its unique blend of organic and mineral chemistry ‘Flexishield’ provides a coating that chemically reacts with the surface enabling an irreversable binding process to occur.

Its molecular structure becomes part of the chemistry of the substructure to which it was applied. This results in a coating 3-4 times thicker than paint, with the ability to provide a surface coating that can eliminate peeling and blistering covered by a 12 year warranty.

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