metal roof restoration

Metal (Colorbond) Roofing Melbourne

When it comes to metal roof restoration COLOURBOND® steel is by far the most popular choice within the industry. COLOURBOND® steel is light, durable, has anti corrosive properties, reflects heat off your roof and comes in a large variety of colours to compliment your home.

Prior to commencement of a new roof, guard rail needs to be installed around the perimeter of the roof for the safety of the tradesman and from onlookers down below. After we have removed the old roof sheets, an inspection is done on the structure of your roof. In some instances timber battens may need to be replaced due to timber rot or bow.

Once the structure of the roof is secure, insulation foil will first need to be installed prior to the roof sheets. This is necessary as it prevents condensation from occuring and thus prevents water falling into your ceiling. It also helps in reflecting radiant heat from the sun.

when roof sheets are laid, care is taken to minimize joints as much as possible making sure the roof is aesthetically pleasing and ofcourse watertight. And finally when the job is completed we do a thorough inspection of your roof ensuring that nothing has been overlooked before giving you a certificate of compliance.

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